Travel to Koh Lanta. Active scuba diving holiday

Les moyens les plus faciles de venir à Lanta


Il existe de nombreux itinéraires différents à emprunter en fonction de la ville / province dans laquelle vous vous trouvez. Il est vrai que si vous n'avez pas loué ou possédé de voiture pour voyager, les vols sont les plus faciles et souvent très abordables. D'autre part et si le temps ne soit pas une préoccupation principale, les transports locaux sont également très bon marché. Ils permettent aussi de visiter plus de paysages et de rencontrer plus de locaux.

Par mer et par terre

Par conséquent, les mini-vans et les ferries-passagers sont le moyen le plus courant de voyager entre villes et îles voisinantes. Bien connu, les transports locals en Thaïlande font parties des modèles de voyage les plus faciles. Il y'a toujours plusieurs options pour se rendre d'un point à un autre. Cependant, soyez patient et calme. L'organisation des transports est très souvent plus longue que prévue.

Lanta bien connecté

Koh Lanta fait parti des axes principaux routiers du sud. De nombreux moyens de transports sont disponible depuis l'ile; car-ferries, près de l'aéroport de Krabi, services de mini-van ou ferries-passagers / hors-bord. Sans hesitation, Lanta est une ile incroyable pour debuter votre voyage du Sud de la Thailande. Elle se trouve au centre de nombreuses autres îles voisinantes et de magnifiques plages tropicales.

Ville de Bangkok et aéroport de Bangkok

Most international flights land in main Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport where all other provinces are offer by local flights. There are dozens of an hour travel daily flights available going to Krabi or Trang airport (Airasia). To know, Krabi is the closest airport to Koh Lanta and recommended to reach in fastest way Koh Lanta. It often as cheap and sometimes even cheaper than local premium class train which takes nearly 14 hours to Trang city.

Bangkok is a huge hub of transportation opportunities! Bag packers and even families love to get a first timer Thailand train experience to feel the local vibes. It is very slow, but, a must to do if you want to enjoy slow motion landscapes and meet fantastic locals.

It is very affordable with different class options. The common one is the bunk beds option discovery and recommended to get your wagon as close as possible to the restaurant. Then your fun will begin! Train is going to Trang only without stopping in Krabi. Bangkok Train Station Ticket.

Do not be afraid of crazy drivers and very loud sound systems in a 10 degrees bus. If your length is more than 1.60 meter then forget about taking the local cheapest bus option but opt for a premium class bus with larger sittings. The price difference isn't big and you get at least free food and sleeping coach. It takes about 10 hours to reach Krabi bus station with a departure at 6.00 pm from Bangkok bus station. Night roller-coaster ride so don't forget some pills and tight your belt! Bangkok Bus Station Ticket.

It is quicker than Bus or Train and a greatest option if you travel with friends or family. Usually, most tourists use this travel minivan as private transfer. More expensive solutions but best if you want to stop more often while traveling between provinces. Even more, as private you can choose anytime to leave the big city and even arrange visiting the most beautiful places on your way straight to Koh Lanta. Mini-van option tickets.

Ville de Phuket et aéroport de Phuket

The fastest way from Phuket to Koh Lanta is by passenger ferry which takes 1h 30m. It costs ฿850 - ฿1700 depending the boat service you choose between large ferries or faster boats. Further more, the standard ferry leaves Pier Phuket to Saladan Pier, Koh Lanta takes 1h 30m. It usually includes transfers from your hotel and departs three times a day.

There is one fast boat company Wavemaster which departs at 8.30 to arrive to PhiPhi at 10.30. From there, there is a 11.30 Petpailin ferry connection available for Koh Lanta.

If you get early at Phuket Rassada pier, there is Tigerline ferry which leaves at 8.00 to PhiPhi then stopping at Koh Lanta and other southern famous islands.

if arriving later after all scheduled ferries / speedboat left then the one option could be a private speedboat transfer if you don't want to spend 5 hours in a private car. It costs around 20,000 THB for a speedboat!

The cheapest way from Phuket airport or Phuket city to Koh Lanta is by mini-van or buses. However, it is long 4 to 5 hours ride but costs only 300 THB. You can book your ticket directly from the mini-van / bus station in Phuket city or more easy from any local travel agencies or hotels. As well as from Phuket airport, plenty of agencies are available to book your land transportation.

To make it easier after your long flight and to avoid waiting with crowds at the airport, we can also reserve a private car for you. It costs 4,500 THB only and this private van can take up to 8 people in.

Île de Koh PhiPhi

There are several hour options to leave Koh PhiPhi to Koh Lanta with departure at 09:00, 11:30, 15:00 and 15:30. However, it takes about an hour to reach the main Saladan pier located at the tip north of Koh Lanta.

From there, you can easily find a taxi to take you to your hotel. Fairly, It costs usually between 50 to 200 THB per person depending where you're heading in Koh Lanta. As well, you can also find many motorbike rental service around Saladan pier if you just want to visit around to choose a place to stay.

During high season October to May, speedboats transfer are also available. There is one leaving daily at 9.30 with a 45 min ride to Koh Lanta. Moreover, you may as well opt for a private speedboat or cheaper longtail transfer if you are a group to make this trip. Finally, this will allow you to choose time to launch the transfer anytime during the day and even sometime bring you at a chosen beach near your hotel.

Ferries directly to Koh Lanta are not always available during the low season from mid-May until mid-October. But, you can travel back to Krabi pier by boat then take a mini-van to reach Koh Lanta. As every places around Thailand, you can organize those trips from any travel agencies or any hotel resorts in PhiPhi. However, it is very easy to arrange your trip as you go between ferry and mini-van to get to Lanta.

Province de Krabi

One morning ferry from Ao Nang leaves at 10.30 from Nopparat Thara Pier, Firstly, it will reach Railay pier at 10.45 then stop by Koh Jum at 12.15 and finally dock at Saladan pier 30 min later. From there, plenty of taxis are available to take you to your hotel at reasonnable fee. Largest resorts are often offering free pick up service from the pier.

The other option from Railay and Ao Nang only would be to take a local transportation to Lanta mini-van station in Krabi town. It usaully costs 300 THB for a private van and cheaper for a joining one.

Daily two ferries leave from Krabi to Koh Lanta from Kongka Pier or, KrabiTown at 11:30 or 14:00 arriving at Saladan Pier, Koh Lanta at 13:45 or 16.15, being a two hours boat ride. On the way, these two ferries will stop by Koh Jum at 12.30 or 15.00 before heading to Koh Lanta. It usually costs not much more than 400 THB per pax.

The other cheapest option would be to take an hourly mini-van (from 8.00 to 16.00) from Lanta Van station in Krabi town or Krabi airport (different timing). It costs usually around 250 THB if you buy your ticket directly from there and 50 THB extra fee from airport.

Finally, if you're travelling on timing with your family or firends, we can also arrange a private mini-van from Krabi town or Airport. A private transfer costs 2,300 THB and you can choose your pick up time and location from early until 20.00 (Car ferries close at 22.00).

Ville de Trang et aéroport de Trang

Tigerline is the standard ferry company which connect Koh Lanta to Trang and other Islands Koh Ngai, Koh Kradan and Koh Muk, departing from Trang Had Yao Pier at 13:00 and arriving Koh Lanta 15:30. You can book your ticket directly from their website or easily from any local agency or hotel.

There is also a private speedboat option with a highest cost but, again, it is a great option if you travel with friends or family. At least, you will be able to adjust your own timing and even be often dropped off at your hotel beach.

Local mini-vans are departing every hours during high season from 8.00 to 16.00 with a pick up opion at the airport (additional fee). We can definitely reserve a spot for you with no extra cost.

If you have no option but need a transfer out of scheduled mini-van then we can arrange a private transfer from Trang to Koh Lanta. It costs 3,600 THB and you can choose your departure time from early morining until 19.00 as the last car ferry from Main land to Koh Lanta is at 22.00. If you're still need to reach koh Lanta after these ferries working hours then we can reserve a private one for 1,700 THB.