Sites de Koh PhiPhi Ley

Les îles Phiphi, deux magnifiques archipèles!

L'île Phi Phi Ley est la deuxième plus grande des deux principales îles PhiPhi Ley & Don. Elle est aussi la seule vaste île inhabitée, offrant ainsi plusieurs récifs locaux agréables et peu profonds. Plus au sud-ouest et dans une partie du parc national, il y a quelques petits îlots récifaux appelés Koh Bida Nai et Koh Bida Nok , tous deux très appréciés pour leur biodiversité comme les grands bancs et les requins pointes noires et léopards souvent repérés. Les sites Koh PhiPhi Ley sont situés tout aux alentour de cette dernière.

Sites Koh Phiphi Ley, peu profond et conservateur!

Tous les sites Koh PhiPhi Ley sont a découvrir. Ils sont tous leur caracteristiques sur leurs faunes et flores. La Diversité des espèces marines sont propre à chacunes. Des récifs colorés et habités par de nombreuses microflores tels nuidibranchs ou verres de mer, petits et grands, vous y découvrirez des mystérieux habitants.

Savourez ces petits recifs!

This is the uninhabited and unspoilt island lying south of Phi Phi Don. Its sheer limestone cliffs offer stunning scenery and has some beautiful bays with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

This is the uninhabited and unspoilt island lying south of Phi Phi Don. Its sheer limestone cliffs offer stunning scenery and has some beautiful bays with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

Vertical wall dives are lavished in clams and wing oysters, lionfish nestled in large cracks and the camouflaged bearded scorpion fish. Coral trouts, bannerfish, butterfly fish and angelfish are to name but a few of the many reef fish you will come across. You may also find the gentle Leopard Shark around the island as well as some black tips swimming along the reef.

Viking bay site is situated on the east side of PhiPhi Ley, right next to the popular VIking cave. This hidden place is perfect fo diving during monsoon season or when the sea is too choppy to dive outside.

This dive place is a combination between an artificial reef and lively natural reef on th north end. It is a shallow and east reef which it used often for second or third dive. Prefect for training dives!

The artificial reef is made by piles of cubes-shaped concrete and life has been growing on it for several years. There are a lot of fish and coral varieties and Black-tips can be often spotted on the shallow part.

Losamah Bay is located on the southern tip of the island. It features a small islet at the centre of the bay and a little beach at the backside of its northern part. However, it is another easy and shallow site for all snorkelling and diving activities.

This dive site has a lot of small life around and black-tips can be seen. The visibility can great as well as average after long rainy days. But, it is a perfect spot to hide from bad sea conditions or even in between dives for lunch.

Maya Corner is located at the enrance and the popular and well-known Maya bay from the movie "the beach". It is now a protected beach and no one is allow to enter this well-guarded area. But, diving is allowed at its entrance where Maya Corner (garden) dive site is beautiful with swim through haven. A cliff walls gently slope to a sand-bed at 18m.

Life is there from small micros to rock fishes and turtles. Black-tips can be often spotted as well, hunting in the shallower part.

Palong Bay is a reef dive located on the north-west tip of koh Phi Phi Ley Island. With easy condition this house reef is ideal dive site for student and fun divers, allowing various depths along the plateau and a sheltered environment. Palong bay is built up from colossal rocks breaking the surface and dropping to 19m. Navigating the site is usually done along the shallower depths of the wall. Its slowly descends to a sandy mud-bed that is filled with smaller rocks and life.



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