Snorkeling Koh Lanta in the best sites of Thailand
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Snorkeling Fun Day

One Day Snorkeling koh lanta Program Snorkeling koh lanta, it is very easy to use a snorkel set and we will brief before your snorkel dives. You will have to use a pair of fins, mask and snorkel only! Professional Snorkel guide!   What You Will Do Explore our fantastic local sites Koh Haa and Koh …

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Koh Lanta coaching freedive in Thailand
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Coaching Freediving Day

Coaching freediving one day Koh Lanta coaching freedive in the most stunning sites. Together, we will discuss what your target for the day is and design a training table to achieve that target. Also, we could do dry breathing tables during the boat ride, stretching exercises or meditate. Some freedivers like to continue training on …

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Koh haa dive site amazing koh lanta thailand
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Koh Haa fun diving

This beautiful archipelago is located two hours away from every inhabited island. Actually, Koh Haa site consists of five separate islands (although a pinnacle joined to Koh Haa 5 has earned the rather confusing nickname of “Koh Haa 6” and represents a dive site of its own). There at Koh Haa site,  you will find …

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Try Scuba diving, first bubblemaking experience for kids in Koh Lanta, Thailand
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Try Scuba Diving

One Day Try Scuba diving  Try Scuba diving for youth divers, a first bubblemaking experience for young kids, with 5 meters being the maximum depth that you can reach. It is an easy and safe journey in a small 2 to 1 ratio with the instructor. You will discover wondefull shallow reefs at Koh Haa …

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Koh Lanta Discover scuba diving in Thailand
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Basic Scuba Diving

Discover scuba diving, One Day Dive Program Our Koh Lanta Discover scuba diving includes Two dives and a miximum depth of  twelve meters. Firstly, a large breifing given at the beginning to cover all basic theory of scuba diving. Secondly, you will spend a few minutes very shallow on dive number one, learning a few …

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