Koh Lanta scuba diving, best in Thailand


Best Scuba Dive Offers in Koh Lanta


Blue Planet Divers is a a well know 5* scuba diving center located in Koh Lanta. We offer some of the best courses & day trips in the most amazing site locations in the south-west cost of Thailand. We have a great professional team who will guide and teach every of their highest standards for your safety. Our large range of course programs starts from the one day discover scuba up to becoming a PADI professional (Go Pro). Every guest will be guided in the most ethic parts of our dive sites in small group and always under the supervision of our talented dive pro members.

Koh Lanta Dive Sites


Koh Lanta scuba diving, best in Thailand

Koh Lanta provides two main local dive areas perfect for every activity from total beginners to more advance divers

   Two main national parks

   Plenty of sites for several dive days

   Shallow and deeper spots

   Huge plethora of animals and reefs



Koh Lanta Dive Trip Prices & Packages


Koh Lanta scuba diving, best in Thailand

Koh Lanta has the greatest south-West location to hit the best dive spot in Thailand. We're offering high value services included to all packages from wherever we pick up until we send you back home.

   Every Day two trips out

   From one day to several dive days

  Adjust your own package

  Two to Three dives per day



Koh Lanta Scuba Diving Courses


Koh Lanta scuba diving, best in Thailand

Blue Planet Divers provides all courses at your own pace and with a real great team. Start today from one day discover scuba diving up to becoming an incredible professional PADI member.

   From 8 years old!

   Learning highest standards

  Small group in classes

   Discover fantastic sites



Koh Lanta Go Pro Courses


Koh Lanta scuba diving, best in Thailand

High Rated 5 star PADI IDC Center. Divemaster & Instructor programs are under supervision from our epic & professional members.

   From 10 years old

   Getting to know the equipment

  Scuba basic techniques

  2 dives - an hour per dive