Koh PhiPhi Ley sites scuba diving koh Lanta, Thailand
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Koh PhiPhi Ley sites

Koh PhiPhi Ley sites are popular among all shallow reefs in this are. This island Koh PhiPhi Ley is the second biggest of the two main PhiPhi islands Ley & Don as well as the only vast island to be uninhabited, therefore offering several local nice and shallow house reefs. Further south-west and part of …

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Hin Klai Dive Site koh lanta thailand
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Hin Klai

Hin Klai Dive Site is located in between Koh Lanta & Phiphi which is a perfect dive sites for a shallow and easy third dive. This little cylindrical pinnacle topped at 6 meters from the surface is a very easy dive sites for all levels. Experienced divers find it very interesting as it is plenty …

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Hin Bida Site

Hin Bida lanta site is between Koh Bida Islands and Koh Maa. This reef is well-known for providing the best chance of seeing leopard sharks, like up to five or six at a time, which practically makes this reef their home. Generally, these stunning creatures can be found resting on small sand patches in the …

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Koh Bida's Islands, great local sites from Koh Lanta Thailand
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Koh Bida’s Islands

Koh Bida's Islands consist of two small islands located close to the southern tip of Koh Phi Phi islands. These two beautiful islands provide a great chance of seeing turtles and sharks. This is the place to dive is you want to meet big school of fish. Easy for everyone's activity.

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Koh haa dive site amazing koh lanta thailand
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Koh Haa fun diving

This beautiful archipelago is located two hours away from every inhabited island. Actually, Koh Haa site consists of five separate islands (although a pinnacle joined to Koh Haa 5 has earned the rather confusing nickname of “Koh Haa 6” and represents a dive site of its own). There at Koh Haa site,  you will find …

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