Koh Lanta best dive trip prices for fun diving & snorkeling

Koh Lanta has the greatest south-West location to hit the Andaman sea best dive spot in Thailand. Our Lanta dive trip prices & packages have high value services offered during the whole day. We care by including everything from wherever we pick up until we send you back home.

Koh Lanta trip, Local sites for everyone's activity


Koh Lanta provides two main local dive areas perfect for every activity. North route to Phi Phi Ley island which has several fantastic sites next to it. Most popular dive sites, Koh bida Nok & Koh Bida Nai also called "Shark Islands" as you are often able to spot those incredible black-tip and Leopard sharks. In between koh Lanta & PhiPhi there are two small amazing shallow sites Hin Bida & Hin Klai.

South route from Koh Lanta, do not miss Koh Haa! It means 5 islands but there is actually antoher site named "Koh Haa 6". This archipelago reef is so colorful with a huge plethora of life. Favorite day trip where to spend a special day with family or friends.

Koh Lanta trip, Deeper sites for more advanced divers


Koh Lanta has the greatest geographical location to reach most wanted Thailand diving sites. All these locations required a minimum of a 30 meters qualication and at least a last dive within 6 to 8 months (experience). Only concern is safety as current can be tricky in those places.

About 40 miles south to Koh Lanta there are those incredible two pinnacles Hin Deang (red rock) and Hin Muang (purple rock) which are from far part of the most visited dive site in Thailand. These gigantic deep underwater montains are just specatular by all the life sceneries mixed with thousands of different and colorful coral species. They are called as well cleaning station!

Taking a North route next and after Phi Phi Islands there are several sites, two reefs and two wrecks. Anemone Reef, Shark point & King Cruiser wreck are located 10 miles keeping North route from Phi Phi. Anemone Reef & Shark Point are small underwater reef and relatively deep sites with beautiful layers. King Cruiser Wreck is famous for its "little" current but abundant rock species.

A mile before Phi Phi, Kled Geaw wreck is becoming one the easier and most fishy articial reef in the area. It is an effective dive for first wreck timers but be aware as often you can't see the wreck just because by the amount of school fishes around!

Daily Trips / Certified divers only

*Early bird price available if reservation made at least a month before booking date.

Local shallower & easy sites for everyone

LOCAL TRIPSWalking priceEarly bird price
Koh Haa/2 Dives (6 different dive sites available)฿3,300 + park fee*฿3,100 + park fee*
Phi Phi & Koh Bida/2 Dives฿3,300 + park fee*฿3,100 + park fee*
Scuba Refresh on site to include – recommended after a year without diving!฿1,000฿900
Optional 3rd dive – depending on amount of participants฿1,000฿900

Non Certified Divers / One Day Experience

*Early bird price available if reservation made at least a month before booking date.

If you have non certified diver friends/family with you, take them in! We have other activity options on the same boat.

One Day ExperiencesWalking priceEarly bird price
Snorkeling Adult / 2 sites฿1,500 + park fee*฿1,350 + park fee*
Snorkeling Kids / 2 sites฿1,200 + park fee*฿1,000 + park fee*
Snorkeling under 5 years (parents or guardians mandatory) / 2 sitesFOCFOC
Discover Freediving One Day from 16 years old - LEARN MORE฿2,700 + park fee*฿2,450 + park fee*
Discover Scuba Diving One day from 10 years Old / 2 dives - LEARN MORE฿4,300 + park fee*฿4,000 + park fee*
Bubblemaker Scuba Diving One day from 8 years old / 2 dives - LEARN MORE฿4,300 + park fee*฿4,000 + park fee*

Deeper Special 3 dives / Advanced diver day trips

Far isn't an issue as we offer short day timing between long distance spots with our very popular fast powered catamaran.

Remember our requirements:

  Be at least certified to 30m

  Last dive made within 6 months

You still can join one trip if no 3om certification:

  Deep Adventure to 30 meters dive available for ฿900 only 

FARTHER 3 DIVES TRIPSWalking priceEarly bird price
Special Northern dives (back at 2:30 PM / add Marine park*) Kled Kaew WRECK, PhiPhi Bida & Hin Klai฿4,300 + park fee*฿4,000 + park fee*
Special Southern dives (Back at 2:30 PM / add Marine park*) Hin Deang, Hin Muang & Koh Haa฿5,100 + park fee*฿4,850 + park fee*

Multiple days diving (Daily Trips)

OPTIONAL PROGRAMS (adjustable)Walking priceEarly bird price
2 days dive package / 6 Dives / 2 Specials (Hin Deang & Kled Geaw)฿8,930 + park fee*฿8,460 + park fee*
3 days dive package / 9 Dives / 1 local sites + 2 Specials (Hin Deang & Kled Geaw)฿12,330 + park fee*฿11,645 + park fee*
4 days dive package / 12 Dives / 2 local sites + 2 Specials (Hin Deang & Kled Geaw)฿16,200 + park fee*฿15,300 + park fee*
5 days dive package / 15 Dives / 3 local sites + 2 Specials (Hin Deang & Kled Geaw)฿18,955 + park fee*฿17,840 + park fee*

Discount Own Equipment

Full Kit Own Set ฿400 per day
BCD ฿150 per day
Regulator ฿150 per day
Snorkel / Mask & Fins ฿100 per day

Add-on Extra Rent

Nitrox Tanks - 32% filled ฿200 per tank
15L Tanks ฿150 per tank

If no available on board - rented outside

GoPro7 Black Scuba Kit ฿1,500 per day

Includes; GoPro with case & filters, Handle, Torch, 2xbatteries

Dive Computer ฿300 per day


Daily transfers from / back to your hotel

Breakfast, Lunch, Beverage, Fruits, Snacks & Pastries

Full Equipment set

Small group of 4 people maximum per guide!


Natioal park fee  (per day): 600 THB for divers, 400 THB for passenger & Snorkeler.

Insurance available for 150 THB per day! Cover all diving expenses in case of diving incident only (Copy of passport needed).