Anemone Reef and Shark Point

“Lify & Colorful pinnacles”

Fishy reefs with variety inhabitats.

Max depth 20/24m - Visibility 10/20m
Open All Year
Experienced divers
Last dive within 8 months
At least 30m divers
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Anemone reef & Shark point, Shallow Colorful Pinnacles

Heading to Koh Phi Phi and then continuing in a north-west direction towards Phuket, there is a collection of dive sites located very close one to another. Anemone reef & Shark point are all very popular, but not so frequented by Koh Lanta dive boats, due to their position in the open sea where strong currents and low visibility can occur often. This should not discourage experienced divers though, as the sites offer a tremendous amount of varied marine life and are truly unique compared to other dive sites in the area.

Two stunning spots

A series of pinnacles make up the dive site known as Shark Point (or Hin Musang as it is known in Thai). Shark Point One is placed at the most northern point of these pinnacles and is the only one which reaches above the surface where it is topped by a warning beacon for ships. The maximum depth of this site is approximately 22 meters. Shark Point Two and Three are located within a short swim to the south with maximum depths of 24 meters and 25+ meters respectively; although our dives will usually be limited to first two pinnacles.

Full life on site

There is an abundance of beautiful soft corals at Shark point, creating home for a very wide and diverse collection of marine life; nudibranchs, shrimps, morays, sea horses, turtles, ghost pipefish and cuttlefish all inhabit this splendid site. Even some sharks, such as leopard and bamboo sharks can be seen resting on the sand or under large rocks. This is truly a magnificent site to spend time in exploring all of the little cracks and crevices. Comparing to other of our dive sites, Shark Point Two that lies towards the south, has one of the finest collections of huge Gorgonian to be seen, with many fans packed closely together and with diameters of more than 3 meters across. Shark Point is an awesome dive site that you should not miss out!

Anemone Reef is a small underwater limestone pinnacle starting at a depth of approximately 26 meters and rising up to just a few meters below the surface. This is the reef that the MV King Cruiser hit before it sank a short distance away, while the evidence of a collision can still be observed at the top of the reef. This site is called after the beautiful red anemones that overwhelmingly cover the area as if it was draped with a soft blanket. Despite the fact that this is a relatively small site, the abundance of its marine life is astonishing.

Colorful and joyful dive site

All they compete for a very limited living space; different species of morays (especially the small white eyed moray eels) can be seen sharing the same crevice; predators such as trevallies swim in the blue hoping to pick off any fish that dare to stray too far from the protection of the reef. Numerous species of shrimps, nudibranchs and exotic macro marine life can be found from the depths up to the surface, like sea horses that make their homes within the Gorgonian fans. If you are fortunate enough, you may even find leopard sharks resting on the sand at the base of this most spectacular and more than magnificent pinnacle.



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