Koh Lanta, Thailand most amazing dive spots!


We have such stunning sites to dive here!


Koh Lanta provides two main local dive areas perfect for every activity. North route to PhiPhi island which has several fantastic sites next to it. Most popular dive sites, Koh bida Nok & Koh Bida Nai also called "Shark Islands" as you are often able to spot those incredible black-tip and Leopard sharks. In between koh Lanta & PhiPhi there are two small amazing shallow sites Hin Bida & Hin Klai. Our two wrecks Kled Geaw Wreck & King Cruiser as well as Anemone Reef & Shark point are also popular in our North areas with very diverfisy biodiversity.

South route from Koh Lanta, do not miss Koh Haa! It means 5 islands but there is actually antoher site named "Koh Haa 6". This archipelago reef is so colorful with a huge plethora of life. Favorite day trip where to spend a special day with family or friends. A bit farther Hin Deang & Hin Muang are the most wanted dive sites in south-west of Thailand coast. They are deep but very intense to dive with often great visibility to spot largest pelagic.



These are the most amazing and easy place for every activities. Dive into colorful shallow reefs.

 Koh Haa (5 Islands)

 Koh Bida's Islands

 Koh Phi Phi Ley

  Hin Bida 

  Hin Klai



Most wanted dive sites in Thailand for more experience divers. Fantastic and popular places to visit.

  Hin Deang / Hin Muang (red & purple rocks)

  Kled Keaw Wreck

  King Cruiser Wreck

  Anemone Reef

  Shark Point


All You Need For You Trip

We provide all necessary services for you to spend an extraordinary and pleasant day with us. All food, drinks, snacks, fruits during the day for your conveniance. What you need is only a towel, swimsuit & sun's cream to bring with you. Top services!

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